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Our Patients

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“We Are Our Patients”

“Our patients are the reason that we are in practice, and we conduct ourselves accordingly..!”

Our patients tell us that they come back to us because of...

We also know that the most important consideration for our prospective patients is how our current patients feel about us, their dental care and our caring attitude.

So...it is with heartfelt gratitude that we provide some of our patients’ comments about our services and our staff:

“It is a true pleasure to recommend Dr Kalenda and her staff as being very professional...and also having a true sense of caring for our family.”

“The kids just love Kris which makes it much easier to get them to go to her office regularly - as they should - but also makes the visit very pleasant for me as well.”

We’d love to see you bring your family to become a part of our ‘family' of satisfied patients.

“On my first visit to their offices I was warmly welcomed in a way that made me feel like I had been a patient for a much longer time.”

“I was very grateful when I learned that it was not to be an answering service after a procedure, but Dr Kris herself who was to take any call about my concerns.”



Exceptionally Caring,

A Strong Sense of Community, and

 Fifty Years of Family Practice ..!

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Our Patients


Our Practice

Our professional skills and experience,

Being a long term, well known and trusted neighbor,

Commitment to our patients' well being while in our office and

Our personalized follow-up attention about any patient concerns.

“Although not one to talk of this, Dr. Kris has been very supportive of our southwestern communities and people in many, many ways .”







A Professional, Caring Dental Practice Since 1957



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